Transmission 3.00/4.0.4 (binary only)


If you want to use a peer-blocklist (you can enable this in the web interface if you are using the trunk version of Freetz), you have to know that you have to provide a blocklist yourself. The simplest is to make a ‘’ with the content below and to invoke it daily or so using cron (don’t forget to make the file executable).


cd /path-to/bittorrent/config/blocklists/
if wget -q ; then
        rm -f level1 && gunzip level1.gz
        killall -HUP transmission-daemon
        logger -s -t transmission "blocklist updated"
        logger -s -t transmission "blocklist not updated"

This can be done from the transmission web interface too now.

Number of peers

It is probably a good idea to reduce the number of peers by editing the …/bittorrent/config/settings.json file:

    "peer-limit-global": 150,
    "peer-limit-per-torrent": 50,

You have to stop transmission before changing this! Or you could use this command to reload the config file:

killall -HUP transmission-daemon

This can be done from the transmission web interface too now.

Memory usage

Huge, relatively.

You will probably need a swap file and you may want to increase swappiness to 80 or something (in Freetz WebIF since (Changeset r6886).

  ------------------------- ------------ -----------
                            **VmSize**   **VmRSS**
  No blocklist              ~8,5 mB     ~6 mB
  level1 blocklist          ~17 mB      ~8 mB
  One torrent + blocklist   ~19 mB      ~12 mB
  ------------------------- ------------ -----------

You can monitor these values easily with the patch from ticket Ticket #1308

Limit memory usage

To prevent memory shortage (could cause reboots and crashing processes):

    "cache-size-mb": 1,
    "open-file-limit": 32,

The cache size is by default 2 MiB and the open file limit is by default 32.

To minimize the number of connections you could decide to forward TCP traffic only and not UDP traffic.


It may be necessary to disable the watchdog by adding this line to for example rc.custom:

    echo "disable">/dev/watchdog