smstools3 3.1.21


Package um SMS mit einem UMTS-Stick zu versenden und zu empfangen.

SMStools3 kann komplett per Webif bedient werden oder alternativ per Terminal.


Das “Datenverzeichnis” legt man am besten auf einen USB-Stick, damit keine SMS verloren gehen. Dennoch wird ein modsave beim Beenden des Packages ausgeführt, falls der Pfad mit /tmp/flash beginnt.

Senden und Empfangen mit dem Terminal

Eine SMS kann man diesem Befehl versendet werden, der Parameter flash ist optional:

rc.smstools3 sendsms flash +497771234567 Text der Nachricht

Empfangene SMS können so aufgelistet angezeigt:

rc.smstools3 listsms


On every event (SENT; RECEIVED; FAILED; REPORT; CALL;) this script is called.

The following is an simple example script that forwards all normal SMS to a pre-programmed number, and all SMS with a “Forward: <phone> “ prefix, to mentioned <phone> but cleansed from the prefix.

This way you can receive, and remotely respond to, SMS from your service provider.

Caution: as is the script is an security risk (anyone can instruct it to forward an SMS) Also it only handles SMS in ISO text encoding, I believe non-ISO characters are simply dropped by smstools3, but embedded quotes will surely mess up the processing.

# Make executable or smstools3 will crash: chmod a+x
# Debug by viewing /var/log/smsd

NUMBER=316xxxxxxxx   # My Phone, international format without +
#NUMBER2=316xxxxxxxx  # My alternate Phone

SOURCE=`cat $2|grep ^From:|cut -d " " -f2`
FORWARD=`cat $2|grep ^Forward:|cut -d " " -f2`

SENDSMS="/etc/init.d/rc.smstools3 sendsms"

if [ "$1" = "RECEIVED" ]; then

    # line number of the actual message (last line)
    line="$(awk '/^\s*$/{print NR}' $2|head -n 1)"
    [ -z "$line" ] && exit 0

    # extract message
    MESSAGE="`sed "1,${line}da" < $2`"

    # If forward command, then forward message
    if [ -n "$FORWARD" ];then
      #remove forward header
      MESSAGE2=${MESSAGE#Forward: [0-9]* }
      sleep 1 # force sepate timestamp in temp file

    # If no forward command, then forward to preprogrammed number
    # Even if a forward command, still forward to listed numbers, to show processing was OK
    if [ -n "$NUMBER" ];then
      $SENDSMS "$NUMBER" "Forward: ${SOURCE} ${MESSAGE}"
    if [ -n "$NUMBER2" ];then
      sleep 1 # force sepate timestamp in temp file
      $SENDSMS "$NUMBER2" "Forward: ${SOURCE} ${MESSAGE}"